Thursday, October 18, 2007

Stroke survivors Medical Fieldtrip

Our group is:
Gaby Smith (aka GC Sideways),
Paula Straley (aka PJ Pinazzo),
Trish Canyock (aka Trish Jetcity),
Sandy Kim aka (Twiggy Sinister),

We decided to go to Stroke Survivors using the teleport available on blackboard.

Likes: We enjoyed working with each other & interacting to get to know each other. It was a good way to be introduced to eachother. We actually all went to room 19-26 & it made it easier to all be in the same room so we could walk over & help each other who are Second Life "challenged". LOL! Working in our team to help each other learn to manuever in SL has been quiet an experience and helped develop some new friendships.

Dislikes: Unfortunately, this teleports you to dream land. None of us could find any material on strokes. This did not provide us with a learning medium for med-surg regarding strokes. To all those going to do this field trip, BEWARE! You may want to go somewhere else. We spent a good hour running around in Stroke Survivors looking for something, anything & we came up empty handed... try a different field trip for sure. We will probably revisit SL again to try a different field trip & learn something.


John Miller said...

Be sure to look at the grading criteria.

Anonymous said...

We will give it another shot for sure... thanks!

John Miller said...

Yes, they have been active there but stuff is getting harder to find. Thanks for the info :)