Monday, October 29, 2007

Group 3 Maternity Trip

Maternity Wish Apon a Star Clinic

Avatar Names:
Sarah Rauen aka Reise Vita
Miranda Plummer aka Mirandajo McGinnis
Rhomel Delos Santos aka Poi Dawg Tracie Ferrari aka Tracie Bosatsu

Purpose: To aquaint SL users with the features of a maternity clinic/birthing center

We liked that we could interact with the equipment, such as BP, temperature, body weight. The facility had a room to change and bath neonates, and an ultrasound room. The clinic had a well stocked nursery, but no babies, and pharmacy. There was a room for mother/partner birthing practice. The clinic was pleasantly designed with cute pictures of babies on the wall.

We didn’t like that the rooms are not labled, making it difficult to navigate through the building, and that there were no people or babies in the clinic. While the clinic is well equipped, instructions on how to use the equipment was minimal and there was no one available to ask questions.

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John Miller said...

You usually have to make an appointment there. The equipment was made to do it with the staff, not by yourself. And if you pay Lindens, all this will happen. I bought some of the pregnancy attachments to see what they looked like.