Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Field Trip to SL

Name of sim: Maternity wish upon a star clinic

Avatar names: Freedom Dawg, Rihanna Razor, Ai Fizzle

Purpose of sim: to gain a better understanding of navigating and to see what the maternity site had to offer/teach. ran into 1 MD student with no conversation, otherwise site was empty except for us. we did see exam rooms, play rooms, baby bathing room, nurses station, gift shop, no fortunate enough to see a delivery.

Likes: easy to navigate, wide open,

Dislikes: no one to speak with or ask questions

Thanks John for all your help.

Here is our photo.

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John Miller said...

Other than bots in SL, there are not people to staff places around the clock, which is important since people from most world time zones are in SL. If you pay them, they will meet with you and show you around and everything. I bought some pregnancy attachments but have yet to do more, lol.