Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Field trip to wheelies by Lyn, Geoff, and Danielle

We went to Wheelies. Group included Geoff Kowalski, Mudduck Blackadder and Lyn Dawes.

Wheelies is a site created by a disabled man for people with disabilities to meet and for others to gain knowledge of disabilities.

Things we liked - we liked all the pictures and the biography about the author. We liked that someone with diabilities can create such a site and that it shows that even though the body is diabled the mind is sharp. Gave a visual representation of that.

We did not like - the fact that it did not give much medical information.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

National Institute of Health

Name of the Sim: National Institute of Health

Avatar Names: Wilda Whiteberry, Princesa Milena, Jennifer Wingtips

Purpose of the Sim: Medical research information

Likes: Tons of useful information and interesting research. There is a virtual neurological education center and various databases that a visitor can use. The use of a microscope, avail a free T-shirt and have lots of fun while walking and reading at the same time!

Dislikes: It is not categorize into order and not that easy to navigate.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Group 3 Maternity Trip

Maternity Wish Apon a Star Clinic

Avatar Names:
Sarah Rauen aka Reise Vita
Miranda Plummer aka Mirandajo McGinnis
Rhomel Delos Santos aka Poi Dawg Tracie Ferrari aka Tracie Bosatsu

Purpose: To aquaint SL users with the features of a maternity clinic/birthing center

We liked that we could interact with the equipment, such as BP, temperature, body weight. The facility had a room to change and bath neonates, and an ultrasound room. The clinic had a well stocked nursery, but no babies, and pharmacy. There was a room for mother/partner birthing practice. The clinic was pleasantly designed with cute pictures of babies on the wall.

We didn’t like that the rooms are not labled, making it difficult to navigate through the building, and that there were no people or babies in the clinic. While the clinic is well equipped, instructions on how to use the equipment was minimal and there was no one available to ask questions.

Josh, Karla & Karen's field trip

Name of Sim: CDC
Avatar Names: Guiness Okelly, Hollie Fizzle & Karen Kangjon
Purpose: To learn about how the Center for Disease Control affects our daily lives.
Things we liked: Good and informative pictures, free Lindens, nice view from the rooftop, have good access to podcasts.
Things we didn't like: not very interactive, the movie screen didn't work when you touched it, there was nobody there to talk with us, the second floor was empty, not much information on epidemiology stats, signs/symptoms of disease, etc.

Field Trip to Radiology & ED

Ann Meyers Medical Center

Ecat Boozehound
Truly Sideways
Unique Weatherwax
Really Sinister

Purpose:To explore radiology dept. and to find our scrubs.

Likes: Realistic x-rays. It was fun to explore on and around the equipment. We also went to the ED. We liked the ECG monitor and crash cart. Can’t wait till we can work on Avatar “victims” patients.

Dislikes: It is tricky to navigate around. Really sinister could not obtain his scrubs, because he was not added to Ann Myers group. It would be neat if there was more activity around the hospital to make it more realistic.

Heart Murmur

Name of Sim: Heart Murmur

Avatar Names: BayBay Bedrosian, Givememeat Kowalski, 2B Schmooz, Jessica10187 Jinn

Purpose of Sim: To identify normal and abnormal heart sounds through auscultation

Likes: The site gave the opportunity to listen to a healthy heart (aortic, pulmonary, tricuspid & mitral valve sites). In addition, we were able to listen to heart defects (Ventricular septal defect, Patent ductus arteriosus, & Aortic valve stenosis) with the provided explanation of each. The site was also easy to navigate.

Dislikes: Surveys did not include the diagnosis for unknown heart cases and included irrelevant information.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Field Trip to SL

Name of sim: Maternity wish upon a star clinic

Avatar names: Freedom Dawg, Rihanna Razor, Ai Fizzle

Purpose of sim: to gain a better understanding of navigating and to see what the maternity site had to offer/teach. ran into 1 MD student with no conversation, otherwise site was empty except for us. we did see exam rooms, play rooms, baby bathing room, nurses station, gift shop, no fortunate enough to see a delivery.

Likes: easy to navigate, wide open,

Dislikes: no one to speak with or ask questions

Thanks John for all your help.

Here is our photo.

Group 5 field trip

Trip to The Center for Positive Mental Health. The purpose of this sim is to give another place to refer to, for possible mental health resources.
There are varios books in the library room that are helpfull. There is a room that looks like seminars are held there.
Group members for 5
Kathy Reed(KJReed Thursday)
Natalyia Andriyuk ( DaisyW Blessed)
Daniel Blankman (DB wingtips)
Shannon Rutz (shannon Zimminy)
We didnt like that there were only two places to go and one room was empty. We did like the books available and a fireplace to hang out at.
It was quiet and good place for reflection.
Quote from a book in the library
"Lack of emotional intelligence can sabotage the intellect and ruin careers."
Emotional Intelligence:Why it can matter more than IQ.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Stroke survivors Medical Fieldtrip

Our group is:
Gaby Smith (aka GC Sideways),
Paula Straley (aka PJ Pinazzo),
Trish Canyock (aka Trish Jetcity),
Sandy Kim aka (Twiggy Sinister),

We decided to go to Stroke Survivors using the teleport available on blackboard.

Likes: We enjoyed working with each other & interacting to get to know each other. It was a good way to be introduced to eachother. We actually all went to room 19-26 & it made it easier to all be in the same room so we could walk over & help each other who are Second Life "challenged". LOL! Working in our team to help each other learn to manuever in SL has been quiet an experience and helped develop some new friendships.

Dislikes: Unfortunately, this teleports you to dream land. None of us could find any material on strokes. This did not provide us with a learning medium for med-surg regarding strokes. To all those going to do this field trip, BEWARE! You may want to go somewhere else. We spent a good hour running around in Stroke Survivors looking for something, anything & we came up empty handed... try a different field trip for sure. We will probably revisit SL again to try a different field trip & learn something.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

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