Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Location: Anne Myers Medical Center
Who: Barry Walstead (motorcycleman), Tiana Price (eyeMsooblessed), Gladys Nglethe (Gigi Gaffer), Jennifer Orta (Jen Felisimo)
Purpose: To explore the Anne Myer facility and to get uniforms and to get full points.
Likes: This is a calm, restful environment in which it is hard to get confused. There was a flower shop and conference room to obtain uniforms.
Dislikes: Flying pink breast cancer ribbons where everywhere (Barry's manhood was in jeopardy with all the pink in the air). There is noone there at the reception desk to ask questions if need be. There was no gore to be found (and Jennifer wanted gore).

Monday, November 19, 2007

Name of the SIM: Medical site field trip to the Survivors of TBI: traumatic brain injury support group.

Avatar names:
Christina Nicholson - ChristinaJo Jacobus
Shannon Dell - Shannon Sosa
Samalie Nassozi - Mwesigwa Preez
Kelly Davila - Meetyouforlunchon Thursday

Purpose of the SIM: Explore the tramatic brain injury site with our group and take a picture.

Things we liked about it:
The dogs are really cool. The coffee table, the fish tank, the interactive games, the appearance.

Things we didn't like: Nobody was there. No medical information available.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

To the Heart Murmur Island!

The following picture represents Nathan Ho (the guy in a red shirt, also known as Rolin Oceanlane), Heidi Richmon (girl in purple shirt, Heidi Weston), Tara Randisi (girl wearing the beanie with the white outfit, TBR8827 Nakamori), and Cathy Hill (black pony tailed girl, Fancythat Wingtips).

The SL Heart Murmur is a site where one can physically hear various heart disorders along with their etiology such as: Aortic Stenosis, Patent Ductus Arteriosus, and Ventricular Septal Defect (among many others) and compares to regular heart sounds.

While it is fairly easy to get to and use, in reality the practicality is not there. Considering the fact that the main benefits of listening to heart sound is listening and not actually looking at the heart, is might have been easier just to go to a site which deals just with heart sounds. The interface would be slightly smoother with less chance of crashing, and would also promote quicker loading. However it was nice seeing pictures of where the heart was abnormal and getting an explanation of what the problem was and why the heart would sound the way it did. That was a nice advantage. Also, the possibility of socialization with other nurses is also a benefit to discuss topics is nice.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Make A Wish Maternity Clinic

Location: Make A Wish Maternity Clinic
Who: LK Takaaki, Janelle Corvale, Margie Blessed, Shopergirl Schmooze
Purpose: Visit the virtual maternity clinic in Second life
Likes: The opportunity to play different roles in the pregnancy and birthing process (physician, mother, partner, coach, etc..), all the pictures on the walls, opportunity to buy inventory such as pregnant belly, furniture, and maternity clothes...opprotunity to be "pregnant" and get exams.
Dislikes: Stairs were incredibly long, hallways and rooms were hard to navigate (kept going inside the walls), and would like the opportunity to experience the pregnancy experience without having to spend money (nice to be able to demo it first).