Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Field trip to wheelies by Lyn, Geoff, and Danielle

We went to Wheelies. Group included Geoff Kowalski, Mudduck Blackadder and Lyn Dawes.

Wheelies is a site created by a disabled man for people with disabilities to meet and for others to gain knowledge of disabilities.

Things we liked - we liked all the pictures and the biography about the author. We liked that someone with diabilities can create such a site and that it shows that even though the body is diabled the mind is sharp. Gave a visual representation of that.

We did not like - the fact that it did not give much medical information.

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John Miller said...

It was not meant to be a textbook medical information site but rather see someone's life adaptations with a chronic medical condition, which is of course makes it a medical site.