Monday, October 29, 2007

Josh, Karla & Karen's field trip

Name of Sim: CDC
Avatar Names: Guiness Okelly, Hollie Fizzle & Karen Kangjon
Purpose: To learn about how the Center for Disease Control affects our daily lives.
Things we liked: Good and informative pictures, free Lindens, nice view from the rooftop, have good access to podcasts.
Things we didn't like: not very interactive, the movie screen didn't work when you touched it, there was nobody there to talk with us, the second floor was empty, not much information on epidemiology stats, signs/symptoms of disease, etc.


John Miller said...

I agree it is not very interactive. Use the player button at the bottom of the your screen to play the videos, which sometimes do not work.

John Miller said...

Also, can you put the sim name in the title?