Monday, October 29, 2007

Field Trip to Radiology & ED

Ann Meyers Medical Center

Ecat Boozehound
Truly Sideways
Unique Weatherwax
Really Sinister

Purpose:To explore radiology dept. and to find our scrubs.

Likes: Realistic x-rays. It was fun to explore on and around the equipment. We also went to the ED. We liked the ECG monitor and crash cart. Can’t wait till we can work on Avatar “victims” patients.

Dislikes: It is tricky to navigate around. Really sinister could not obtain his scrubs, because he was not added to Ann Myers group. It would be neat if there was more activity around the hospital to make it more realistic.


John Miller said...

I agree the place is not used much but could be. They are redoing the entire hospital and I think the college there in the next few weeks, some of my sources say.

John Miller said...

Also, can you add Ann Myers Med Center to the title, as it is the name?